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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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some of the law for some mel pierce is on display on the sidewalk in front of our home with candles and messages of rest in peace. it was at this location money where she died after being struck by a stray bullet fired during a gunbattle here on chestnut street. 19 year-old and 20¢ has been charged with her murder. she had was with two of her three children when the incident occurred she died making sure they were safely out of harm's way. although saturday's memorial is open to the public, magdalene's as pierces family wants to be on an be their own it when it comes time to lay our grasp. the memorial start saturday at 2:00 p.m. here outside oakland city hall. >> grant: 1 in the bay area's most infamous the
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real killers has been found dead in his jail jail sale. a member of the so-called zebra killers in making jaycees' simon was found unresponsive in his cell late last night. prison officials and just announced the death. the 69 year-old was one of four black men convicted of 14 racially charged murders and san francisco in 1973 and 1974. >> grant: seven others were injured including former mayor art agnos who barely survived two bullets to the back. the for some terrorize this city. using guns and machetes attacked their victims in 1976 the zebra killers were all sentenced to life sentences with the possibility of parole. simon was convicted of two counts
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of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first- degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. the 69 and did not share a cell with anyone else. an autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of death. >> pam: now to another top story teen boys in a wealthy east bay enclave sharing hundreds of new and raise the pictures of underage girls on line. a police say it had been going on for years. until high school sophomore exports and expose the scandal in her school newspaper. kron 4 as maureen kelly top with a budding journalists. >> reporter: allegedly this snapshots of girls were cell shared among high school students carry it
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like some people seemed uncomfortable with the but no one really came out and said anything to create change. >> reporter: sophia made a difference. >>: we did not know that this site was up and immediately prior knowledge we were able to go soon investigation part without police department and ultimately get to the site being taken down. >> reporter: sofia is excited with her work which is as more needs to be done. if we take these websites down until of there's a different mind set this will continue. >> reporter: those pictures
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were taken several years ago when the women were under age. those victims does not want to cooperate and so far no suspects have not been identified. mop maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> pam: your police have arrested a third suspect in connection with the brutal murder last month. officers serve an arrest warrant for a 20 year-old gerardo cisneros for his part in the february 16th murder of robert kaiser. police were able to identify and arrest the 19 year-old gabriela bernie's after investigators said this surveillance video shows a buy items with mr. eisner's credit card. a fourth suspect isabella cadiz of san jose is still wanted in connection with the murder. >> pam: tonight police are
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asking for the public's help in identifying leverage shot at california highway patrol car last week. san jose police just released this photograph of a bullet hole and the roof of the chp patrol car. police say the two men chp unit made a routine traffic stop on march that on northbound 101 in san jose when shots were fired in their direction. the officers were not injured. silicon valley crime stoppers is offering our report about the $3,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. police are looking for the public's help in identifying them >> reporter: some beginning monday of this week the stock decided to start redeploying officers changing theirs should after penpoint specific areas where there's violence. they're hoping this will
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lead to a downgrade in violence of violence in these areas. they said the this is something that they have to do this see if it will work. this is what our gang suppression units are trying to merge and supplement the patrols and share information from our game and the summations unit. and hopefully bring that time just in having ability of visibility to keep down the gang violence. >> reporter: again at this point we can't tell you the chief was at a ceremony today when they were honoring officers in getting promotions. he says this is all about combating crime
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with your offers to them we need in san jose but that could be changing. but as far as this redeployment of officers assigned getting more officers is just targeting them in a better way. the gonna decide whether or not this is actually working and efficient continue for the weeks and months ahead. dan kerman kron 4 news >> pam: warriors star marreese speights will not be a lineup when the team starts tonight with denver. space has been suspended by the nba for one game. after bleak pleading no contest for reckless driving. he was arrested in tampa last august and all originally charged with driving under the influence. the suspension comes as golden state coach steve carr has decided to rest for of this team's star players tonight
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that include seth curry and clay thompson. >> pam: and ratify a man leave the post on social media which leads to his detention by authorities for days he wants to warn others not to make this a mistake. and in ferguson the latest on the raid and reward money. all connected to the search for the suspect from shot to officers in that still tense suburb of st. louis. plus how your social media polls could potentially eliminate you from being considered for certain government jobs. oy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count.
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>> pam: these think you might want to work for the cia which you might want to watch what to post on line. each year the agency says it has to drop four off five stellar candidates because of things they say on social media sites. such as facebook twitter and even lead stand. that is a tiny fraction of the 20,000 applicants to make it into the final phases of the interview process. here are some tips from the recruiter at the agency. do not like them on facebook. do not announce a great interview. and certainly do not tweet asking people for a polygraph test sequence. >> pam: and with all the
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warm weather in the bay area has experienced power and is coming out early next we go to the experts about what you can do to reduce its allergy symptoms.
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>> pam: a san mateo man
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found himself detained for 72 hours by authorities over his social media post. kron 4 as tech reporter gabe slate met with the man who now wants to warn people to be careful with what to write online. >>: and said that was trying to commit suicide over mine stressed. >> james: >> reporter: shane's facebook post was very personal and detailed about wanting to take his own life. the san mateo police department said a friend of shane's call them and was concerned for his safety. they follow protocol and follow up with shane's. >> reporter: shane's is the
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saddest citizen activist was concern over privacy and free speech of social media. he claims he was not suicidal and that is posed was only a social experiment to see how facebook recently enhance a suicide prevention and told worked. the suicide prevention feature on facebook did not contribute to what happened to him and a his 72 our whole. it was a friend who saw his post and call the police based on the assessment police as hell shane's to make sure he was ok and would not harm himself. >> reporter: not in a statement to was they said they follow protocol shane's and nancy is not much of a facebook person and did not realize this will escalate as quickly and intensely as the dead. and now you want
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others to be aware that what you put out their casually in cyberspace could get him locked up for 72 hours. there are real consequences for what to post. >> pam: a new study finds raising the legal smoking age will save millions of was a millions of children today is children. was that millions of years for today's children. according to a new report from the institute of medicine raising the minimum age to 21 nationwide would result in nearly a quarter million fewer premature death. and 50,000 fewer deaths from lung cancer among people born between 2000 and 2019. over the past half century there and then an estimated 8 million fewer premature death takes to increase
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tobacco control efforts in the u.s. also noted. was odd 12% drop of predicted smoking prevalence for teenagers if h memo is raised to 21. >> catherine: under a book offers an interesting detail on the bond between apple founder steve jobs and the currency all tim cook. a new biography of some steve jobs claims that tim cook was offered his boss part of his own liver in a bid to save his life. jobs had pat pat pancreatic cancer and when barrio " offered to visit him at his home. according to the book becomes team shops to " tested to see if he could be a donor but jobs angrily turned him down saying he would never let him do that. that was in 2009 and steve jobs did
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eventually get a liver transplant a died in 2000 and 11. >> catherine: for many of the 40 million people in the u.s. to have allergies the misery index is already rising. in early spring allergy season has been shaping up. including your address colts. allergy specialists are seeing high levels of pollen. and what can be a bumper crop of pollinating trees and grasses and the bay area. jet upper cyprus all trees are among those causing the most problems and are dry weather is making things worse. >> catherine: doctor strub said as we are seeing longer seasons for some pollens and she has stepped up medication for some of rapacious. allergies are the sixth leading cause of
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chronic illness in the united states. >> reporter: what have a comfortable pleasant evening gigabyte outside tomorrow. taking a look into saturn were expecting a record one we may even crushed and records that set back 70 years. we can't rule out a late dayspring go for the extreme northern tier of sonoma county. >> grant: with a take a look it says it is impressive but no doubt dangerous. so do not try this. the idea is to show you what it feels like to be an expert skateboarder without actually having to break any bullish yourself. this is a goal pro video of a deer devil speeding down san francisco in for muslim lombard street. the kurds
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making four harrowing moments then the guy on the board below stop signs and sales passed or is on foot. go pro based in san mateo is changing in the way people document their adventures and this is the latest example was the ok i say no thanks >> pam: a deal could be in the works to end a strike that has impacted gas prices last and later the by not a gift i darman actor robert downey jr. gave a young boy who was born without an arm.
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>> catherine: a tentative deal has been reached in the end to the largest u.s. refinery strike in 35 years. that is the word from the united steel workers and oil companies today. his or refinery in martinez was
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shut down by the strike since it was already closed for maintenance when the walkout started. about four other employees there have been off the job. the tentative contract affects 30,000 workers nationwide. it includes language on of worker fatigue which is been tied to accidents and use of contractors reverses union workers. >> catherine: gas prices continue to creep up board. a quick update from aaa the average price in san francisco is $3.47 a gallon in both san jose and oakland it is $3.37 a gallon there are some speculation the end of the refinery strike might bring the prices back down a little bit. >> catherine: general motors is recalling some chevy vaults. the problem there they are too quiet. some car owners say they forget to
5:26 pm
turn it off and that can be dangerous if your cards in the garage and a hybrid gas engine kicks than causing harm monoxide to build up. more than 64,000 cars are affected by the recall. a software update will keep the car quiet will automatically shut it off after an hour and half of idle time. >> catherine: no details may be leaking about the apples a secret electric car. the titan project. the business insiders say the project may be happening just minutes away from apple's main campus in cupertino. we do not know what the card would look like these are various artists images. other unconfirmed details. the car or its undeveloped site is called named as g five. it is well beyond concept stage. and many of the apples car related hires including some from tesla
5:27 pm
are working out of the sunnyvale campus the arts was supposedly being told to turn their id badges around so they are not spotted by the public. >> pam: tensions remain high in ferguson story after two police officers were shot coming up if fire 30 the latest on the search for the gunmen. plus on new twist in the fraternity scandal that rocked oklahoma state. why next wide as a e has hired a lawyer here.
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>> pam: and national news is yet another night of tension and purpose in
5:30 pm
missouri. catherine heenan is here to tell us about the search for the shooters who will need a pair police officers early yesterday. >> catherine: and police have any real leaves about this tonight they're not talking about them. and how it turns out that a widely reported raid on a home near the scene of the shooting was apparently a false alarm. >>: play the breeze and the fact we have a situation where many leaves come into what i cannot tell you of that and the resins and the net but they're certainly not nobody in custody. >> catherine: what we do have is a recording of the police response to the shooting which came as a crowd of some 60 people was dispersing near the police station. within hours a police swat team converged on the phone a few blocks away. the three residents woke to find laser sights trained on them. the three
5:31 pm
were let off in handcuffs then released after being question with no explanation. >> catherine: the same low as police shane's says the parents of a sunset substantial reward for any information. crime stoppers is offering $10,000. and two missouri congressmen have put up an additional $3,000. >> pam: some police critics say body cameras could discourage the use of excessive force the city of denver is having mixed results. and the end of thought the officer with disney on the suspect next was suspended without pay for for four days. denver police said the video records records of help to insure accountability. >> pam: but in order to work
5:32 pm
the cameras have to be turned on. and independent review found cameras are only used properly and just one out of four cases. the police say they are still getting used to the technology. >> reporter: that men and a high level cowled amid migrated east. with that you pass is a blow out their were trapped in the middle and high level clouds that are coming in and out of the southwest. we have the dome of dry stable and air. the hot air is staying above the dome and pushing to the stop surface as tropical moisture tries to sneak into our skies through the clouds. >> reporter: 0 have lower 50s as we head inland in mid to upper 50s as we close to
5:33 pm
the water. if you're headed to the sent st. patrick's day parade with about middle '70s. by the after the temperatures will be met cell low 80s. in the low seventies along the coastline. >> pam: and took them five days but a group of people have said is a march from selma to montgomery commemorating a kia quite in the civil-rights movement. a crowd of about 100 demonstrators re-enacted the famous march led by dr. martin luther king jr. in 1965. the march began on monday in selma. 54 mi. and five days later it ended in downtown montgomery on the front steps of alabama's capital building. the demonstrators and the march with the voting rights rally. >> pam: the fraternity has
5:34 pm
hired up and turning his name is stephen jones he will work to winds sure the due process rights of the frat members are protected. as a e fraternity's house was shot down after them some members were engaging in a racist chance. >>: i'm not ruling out a lawsuit on st. gonna proceed in a non legal solution and not adversarial solution and not litigation solution if that is not possible then obviously we will have to consider other possibilities this of the upturn in speaking. >> pam: john says that he does not represent the two members that were expelled tuesday. >> pam: the man jumped the
5:35 pm
white house fence back in september pled guilty to federal charges. all my guns out was made it all the way inside the white house that day before finally being tackled by secret service. don fowler is was armed with a pocket knife and had more than a hundred rounds of ammunition in his car. gonzalez will be sentenced in june and the incident led to the resignation of the secret service director on a cut get about 1218 months in prison. >> pam: now in northern spain police have arrested eight people in a terror raid. officials say the suspects are believed to be part of the jihadist terrace cell and are planning attacks in spain. police also say they were believed to be in recruiting fighters to send to syria and iraq. the raids took place in barcelona at least three other cities. >> pam: sweden is offering
5:36 pm
to a question of what we tweet dealings founder juliette assigned in london about rape allegations. assigned as been holed up in ecuador the london embassy since 2012 to avoid being extradited to the united states. sweet as prosecutors will now go to britain to question a signed and take and dna sample. his lawyer says his client consider this a victory but is frustrated it has taken prosecutor mary and in wise so long to get here. >> pam: sweden has been investigating the allegations against a staunch for nearly five years. prosecutors previously refused to travel to london but they change their position because some of the crimes unsigned is accused of will reach their statute of limitation in
5:37 pm
august. >> pam: its is the pride of a lifetime for a young boy. coming up at 545 to get he got from iron man star robert downey jr.. and the next on the one thing you will not see on bill gates arm. >> pam: the dow moved higher against the hero. its look cell 125 planes. its look more than 125 white says. points the dow so you can.
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your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> pam: a hollywood star technology and goodwill are coming together to help a young boy feel more like his peers. grant is here with the video that is going by row. >> grant: actor robert downey jr. know for his work as iron man is now a super has a new superfund fan his name is alex prang. he was born without a fully developed right arm did just that stopped just above his elbow. and here's what happens when a team of adults got together to surprise him. >>: you know that he
5:45 pm
responds iron man. >>: what do they keep working on it. >>: he keeps working working until we get the right. >> grant: is that not the cutest robert downey jr. and robert downey jr. robert dow aren't brought down his zero miracles in this video. that guy right there is actually in college the arm was made by lead metalist solution. as a volunteer group that started by the university of central florida and even engineering ph.d. student. and proved 3-d printing technology and france met signals from prang to the arm some alcoholics can use both of his hands.
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>> reporter: temperatures we been sitting 15 to 20 degrees above normal. all the green saying is not hitting the ground. as traveling back to life. is riding in a dome of high pressure. the sitting right over california's and a slowly peeled off to the east. we're gonna continue with a southwesterly flow and that's why the chop tropical moisture will sneak into our skies to a high level amid level clouds. >> reporter: gonna push into the northwest saturday and sunday is gonna be a nice difference in present pressure across the eastern pacific. as gonna transport a lot of the heat from the domed down to the surface and that's why the clouds will increase but the
5:47 pm
temperatures will climb as well. we're expecting 78 degrees 80 in tampella is we had far the to the north were talking about 79 degrees in walnut creek just shy of the 80 degree mark in danville. 81 in antioch. and this santa rosa will be reached a '80s 73 and daly city. take a look in terms of records. will definitely tired record in oakland of 77 degrees. 84 in livermore up record possibly could fall there. 83 in mountain view. and san bruno we may tire record set back in 1947 it registers as stretches 68 years we will
5:48 pm
definitely be smashing a record high. >> reporter:, and the cal clouds look and say you to follow it from the pacific northwest with those clouds to can't rule out an isolated sprinkle. the rest of us will stay dry and the temperatures will drop a little bit as we head into north next week. >> pam: univision host what nerve figueroa was immediately fired after his remarks about first lady michelle obama. lewis and gary has more details. >> reporter: the first lady was under attack after racially charged remarks by figueroa directed at her went out to univision is nearly 94 million homes. but did the white house several wall in his abrupt termination? >> reporter: that racially
5:49 pm
charged that is common on univision translated says " you guys are aware that michelle obama looks like a cast member of the planet of the apes the movie. that characterization of the first lady by the net worth emmy award winning fashion commentator ride narc ferrol or immediately triggered outrage when it aired wednesday. later that day figaro was fired. and a statement univision sense of the comment " we are completely reprehensible reprehensible and in no way reflect your division's values. >>: >> reporter: in an open letter to figueroa he explained how his his hall is comments were in reaction
5:50 pm
to a depiction of someone else. it is still completely offensive. >>: there's a long history of comparing african americans to monkeys in the west. and this thing that they're not fully developed on the evolutionary scale. his figueroa says that i was notified verbally by you division's executives the my employment was being terminated. >> reporter: for crime newport news and louis gearing >> pam: you watch all the celebrity news right here on kron 4 after the insider at 7 and entertainment tonight ears is 730 followed by kron 4 news at eight.
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>> pam: artists hemingway
5:54 pm
said that typewriters right the way people talk. from jack rocket antall hunter s. thompson the advent of the typewriter has held shane's the english-language and while smaller funds and tablets may have been taking over the world oil typewriter hangs onto his plays claire sebastian as more details. >> reporter: in the 1960's typewriters' like the ibm selector or the pinnacle of office technology. hard to believe this same ibm's electric is still being used today. even the new york police department and its they still need them. at gramercy typewriters in new york 0 machines are even
5:55 pm
clicking with younger fans. >>: typewriters of making another resurgence people are asking about typewriters and when they're coming in. >> reporter: is keeping paul and his son justin need deep in the machines. on a good week grassy sells up to 30 a week and in service tend to 15 and day. they are cheaper than most modern computer computers and a working ibm is about $400. frank under what in the net flix series house of car is a van. as is actor tom hanks a regular customer year. hank this time hangs loves typewriter so much even launch an
5:56 pm
application the replicates the experience. all 55 years in the business have left all with blackened figures he is not ready to retire. and neither he says is the typewriter. >>: and there's still a need for typewriters and people are still gonna want typewriters and i can see this going on for years. >> pam: or filing to breaking news stories tonight moore's us as suspects are in custody for killing the mother that was trying to protect her children. am one of the killer is that was terrorizing san francisco back in that year's previous has been found dead inside his prison cell.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> grant: we are following to breaking stories tonight at 6:00. an intimate serial killer was found dead in his jail cell today. but first we're learning more new details about the in the death of a young oakland mother that you will now see on kron 4. >> grant: as we first reported 5:00 p.m. two more suspects have been taken into custody in connection with the shooting death of chyemil pierce. a source of arms to kron 4 the two females who were allegedly involved in the street fight that led to pierce's death have now been arrested. stay tuned for kron 4 news and were developing story. on thursday 19 year-old anthony films was arrested and charged for appears his murder. opiates investigators say stems was one of two people wounded.
6:00 pm
allegedly involved in a gunbattle that on monday. chyemil pierce was killed by stray bullet during incident one oakland city leader tells kron 4 more in arrest will be made. >> grant: another break is certain that one of four killers who paralyzed san francisco for several months and night in the 1970's is now dead. a member of the so-called zebra killers inmate jaycees' simon was found unresponsive in his san quentin cell late last night. prison officials recently made the announcement. the 69 year- old was one of the four people convicted of 14 racially charged murders in san francisco in 1973 and 1974. the force and terrorize this city. the zebra killers all got life
6:01 pm
sentences with and the possibility of parole. the 69 year-old did not share a cell with anyone and an autopsy is being performed to determine the cause of the death. >> pam: my day is the three- year anniversary of the apparent disappearance of morgan hill cheerleader at zero mar. she is no is everyone's daughter to those still searching for but on saturday as kron 4 rob fladeboe reports now in what is expected to be a bittersweet end to that search a team of loyal volunteers will make one last attempt to find her and bring your home >> reporter: a tattered pink ribbon marks the spot where here at the intersection of live oak and doherty avenue in morgan hill where seral lamar was lasting three years ago monday as she waited for the school bus. tomorrow as they have every saturday for the past three
6:02 pm
years volunteers like this group will conduct one last organized search for sierra whose father steve lamar says they're running out of places to search and is going to be hard to let go. >> reporter: teensy are as they are called number and a hundred and one. lead times by a steep and sierras mom marlene lamar they would often began each new search with a prayer and and lolled some 50,000 hours scowling virtually every inch of of 15 square mile radius from that bus stops and all kinds of weather. >> reporter: there have been more than 1100 such searches. team sierra and they're now familiar red sneakers also attend court hearings for garcia duran as whole is charged with sierras murder. they are
6:03 pm
still hoping to bring zero home and perhaps the in the prosecution's case was steve lamar says he tries not to dwell on that. while >> reporter: tomorrow will be the last organized search. sierras fathers as team's sierra will be on call and definitely a can wrap up on a moment's notice if and when needed. mortgage yield dropped flat but about kron 4 news. >> pam: this city does not have enough orders off pursuers and try to recruit new ones. dan kerman an is live at police headquarters in san jose. >> dan kerman: most agree the way to hire new officers and read saying it was that they already have is to increase the benefits and
6:04 pm
raise the raisins. the police department is significantly understaffed. hiring new officers and keeping old ones are becoming more and is difficult. because of the pension systems making the retirement benefits have been caused existing officers to quit and a difficult time hire new ones because of the retirement plan as it currently in effect. >> dan kerman: sent home they is mayor said he is ready to turn things around beginning with the police officers' union next week to figure out how to make changes. he also wants to make bring the officer ranks up to 12 water 50 without bankruptcy in the city.
6:05 pm
>> dan kerman: set of eyes police chief says he's glad the two sides of sitting down and hopeful that any agreement reached will restore the department and have the officers deal with the more violent crime this affecting the city. >>: the things that affect the more regular basis the crimes >> dan kerman: any changes that were talked about the meeting will not happen overnight. any changes made would happen likely be sent back to the voters for them to vote on. he's trying to figure out the changes that are needed all this will take place next week. >> pam: and alive lookit treasure island this friday evening. another gorgeous
6:06 pm
day across the bay area. some places flirting with record temperatures. vanessa bezic as in the weather center tonight and is only gonna get warmer. >> reporter: saturday afternoon is when they eat will peak. heat will peak... currently we're standing in the mid to low 70's. 69 degrees in santa rosa but it is a mild and pleasant evening to go out door and as gonna be a comfortable start to wake up saturday parry @ our daytime highs tomorrow will be of three defied degree temperature both compared to day. 78 degrees in santa rosa was master record and richmond at 84 degrees. we
6:07 pm
have a whole lot is 77 and cocker. concord is 77 degrees >> pam: also, tonight is six police track down another suspect in a brutal murder of a south bay man. who investigators say they are still looking for. plus and raise the photographs of east bay high school girls on cover on-line we talk to this do expose the scandal. police still on the hunt for a weber shot two police officers and ferguson was sorry. here the newly released this badge audio from the night of the attack is coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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>> pam: 5 juvenile suspects are in custody tonight and they are being charged as adults for the murder of a 20 year-old san jose man over the weekend. the suspects rain it ranged in age from just 14 years old to 17 years old. they have been charged with the murder of what will now as well as gain advancement. an officer recognize the suspect vehicle on monday and pull tried to pull the car over. the suspects fled the ago fled leading settle the police and the chp on pursuit that ended in
6:11 pm
livermore with the five were taken into custody. >> pam: police have arrested a third suspect in connection with the murder of a south bay may end. 20 year-old gerardo cisneros was one already in custody in alameda county on an unrelated charge authorities believe he was involved with the murder of 56 year-old your resident robert heidstra. he was found dead inside his home on feb. 68. two other people already in custody and a fourth suspect a 70 year-old female is still looms. >> pam: police are looking for the public's health and identified the suspect, shot a chp vehicle. police are asking for the public's health and identifying a suspect or suspects responsible for shooting at the california highway patrol vehicle on march dead and san jose san jose police
6:12 pm
department officers responded at 11:36 p.m. to northbound u.s. highway 101 near story road to was said chp officers with a shooting investigation officers were not injured in the shooting and said anyone with information on the shooting is asked to call police at 2774161 >> pam: coming up i had six tactical police search for a gunman who shot two police officers and ferguson as protests continued in this city.
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
>> pam: police in riot were successful in getting off all website filled with new images of underage girls taken down. at surprised that the pictures were brought to light by a cub reporter at high-school newspaper. orinda high.. the officials say for the past four years raising pictures of girls were being posted on a drop in bauxite and access by mostly male teenage students and the all rendell, more rock and lafayette communities. but they did not know about it 15 by about 50 year-old
6:16 pm
sophie are ruiz wrote an article about the widely kept secret in them mayor mike a high school paper. she said she felt compelled to write about the disturbing trend. >> pam: law-enforcement says most of the girls in the images were unrecognizable. i had all the victims have been identified as ron the residents but they do not want to cooperate and so far no suspects have been identified. >> pam: a disturbing story out of southern california loss angeles' police arrested nine students and then as high school for sex crimes involving two under age girls. >> reporter: onto as they marched 10 school administrative officials from that is high school contacted a loss angeles police department's special assault section detectives and said they had a possible victim of a possible sexual assault. up our detectives
6:17 pm
from lapd's special assault section responded and they conducted an investigation during that investigation that are able to locate two victims both students and then his eyes go who were believed were victims of a series of sexual was lost both on and off campus. >> pam: those arrested ranged in age from 14 to 17 years old police say they're looking for five other miners in connection with the assaults. >> pam: a lot look at virgas the misery tonight where the intense manhunt continues for the person responsible for shooting to officers. all officials hope the violence was an isolated incident as they prepare for another night protest. polo sandoval all has the latest. >> reporter: a quiet scene
6:18 pm
in ferguson missouri on thursday night. citizens came together for candlelight vigil sending prayers to the two officers gunned down during on wednesday night protest. the search for the gunman or gunmen continues. as do the protests demonstrators also help peaceful marches during that incident free night a stark contrast to wednesday night. when protests turned it into chaos after shots rang out as demonstrators began to disperse you can hear the urgency in the voice of responding officers and un newly obtained dispatched records. >> reporter: police are now focusing their efforts on finding those responsible for the shooting on thursday police held a tactical operation and served warrants at home three people were brought in for questioning and later released. this we protest followed the resignation of
6:19 pm
ferguson police chief thomas jackson, who oversaw the department during the shooting death of an unarmed black teen michael brown. last week the justice department detailed a pattern of racial discrimination and ferguson. last week on and abc's jimmy campbell live president obama fares there is no excuse for the violence. the man i continue then ferguson. >> pam: it looks like the fraternity throw out the campus of the university of oklahoma race so racist behavior is fighting back catherine heenan is here with the new development that suggests a possible lawsuit. >> catherine: the fraternities set down after members were caught engaging in racist chance has now cut off all communication with national headquarters. this was the reason scene after sigma alpha epsilon missed
6:20 pm
members were told to pack up and get off campus. now they have hired a high- profile oklahoma attorney. he says he does not represent the two fraternity members who were expelled but he will represent the others. stephen jones says members have received death threats and they still have their rights. he initially of treason initially tried to avoid a lawsuit. >> catherine: meantime allegations surfaced that the as a eve fraternity members use racial slurs at the university of washington and seattle. the black student union is asking for an apology and the school is investigating. the fraternities that its members were not involved. >> pam: helicopters and mortar crews have been fighting the flames and
6:21 pm
there have been no injuries or evacuation so far. as a wildfire malibu. >> reporter: subtropics local more sure was continuously sticking to our errors old to mott tonight and tomorrow morning we will be comfortable with our temperatures. will wake up tomorrow and with temperatures in the low 50s and and we get into the after now will be nearing or smashing records. a camelot and isolated sprinkled across the north bay on sunday. i cannot rule it out. it is in the clouds are increasing in the southwestern north east direction that dome of high pressure is currently situated is all the southern california and nevada. the moisture is going up and around that ridge of high
6:22 pm
pressure and that's why we continue to notice the murky sideline. skyline. >> reporter: as a result of the big difference in pressure as it increases across the pacific. and that's why temperatures will climb even though there will be an increase in cloud coverage. taking a look at tomorrow avenue 17 reason able redwood city. respecting the temperatures to reach the low 80s and antioch in livermore. when looking at temperatures in the upper 70's for a downtown san francisco just- in-time with a parade. 84 in santa rosa up. the they eat well peak mice saturday the
6:23 pm
heat will peak >> reporter: as we haven't decided more clouds. as we head into sunday war clouds >> pam: a new study suggests today's young adults are not measuring up. what researchers say millennial are lacking and the surprise finding the study revealed.
6:24 pm
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>> grant: breaking news just in the kron 4 news room we didn't word that officer was shot in now up. napa.. aerial video here it is seen as police said spring street in neal avenue blocked off and hill avenue this bullet marking and cried a police
6:27 pm
have not released any specifics that which may have led to this shooting or any injuries. this is the first right yard of a home that could be involved we have a crew is working the story and we will all break it up under reagan and news as it becomes available. >> pam: a community comes together to remember a young mother killed in oakland. and what they're saying about the now rising number bicycle on bart's. and i knew right scenes both of pictures young students online. >> reporter: temperatures ranging from the met '60s to the low '70's and a latino was coming up. i will let you know what is coming up.
6:28 pm
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6:31 pm
>> grant: 1 in the bay area's most infamous serial killers has been found dead in his prison cell. j.c. exciseman was found unresponsive and sent one cell he was 69 years ago he was one of four black men that would convicted of all racially charged murders and back in 1973. in 1970 for others were injured the san francisco mayor barely survive two bullets to his back. they used guns and a machete to attack their victims. an autopsy is being performed as we speak of grant lodes kron 4 news >> haaziq madyun: lynette gibson mcelhaney says the family will attend a memorial here to celebrate
6:32 pm
her life. by all accounts she was a wonderful mother. >>: 2:00 at saturday to celebrate her life during this difficult time to mail to male >> reporter: officers have reemployed officers to try and combat the gang violence. other officers have had their shifts change of the work a little bit later the ideas to saturate the area and hopefully bring down the amount of crime. and san jose don dan kerman kron 4 news. >> reporter: pink ribbons in honor of seral mar who went missing three years ago or body was never found. sierra
6:33 pm
lamar... the be the last organized search cirrus father says the they have run out of places to search but they will be on call and definitely. will be three years minded since she was missing. >> reporter: in san francisco police are looking for a man that tried lore a boy into his car off at the bus stop. here's a sketch of the man he's described as a white man 30 to 40 years or old some facial hair. he pulled up to a 10 year-old boy at the bust's shelter at carl and co and four times tried to talk this child into his car. the child walked away and walked into a nearby restaurant. police in trying to identify that man to question him about what he is exactly going >> reporter: in are random
6:34 pm
police were successful into getting a website full of new photos of girls pull down as it was uncovered by of young journalists at the high school. it was access by a mostly male teenage students in iran the lafayette communities. orinda... she felt was unfair and she felt no one was doing anything about it. >> reporter: and in the whether the part where looking with tracking a significant warming trend. over night tonight temperatures will remain quite my elves. mild... when you walk outside temperatures will be low to
6:35 pm
mid '50's in the morning but by lunch time we talked about low the mid-70s. and afternoon will top things off in certain locations and the 80 degree temperatures. and below '70s along the coastline as well. this work in oakland recorded about 78 degrees breaking our record. 84 degrees and livermore. and now all we boy in be heading a daytime high of about 82 degreesnapa... as we headed to san jose about 80 degrees as well as so our temperature record could be smashed their as well.
6:36 pm
>> pam: this is a look at the golden gate bridge tonight we have a reminder for drivers that use the golden gate told both no. 3 is set down for the next month because of seismic retrofit work. that means that lane 3 also be closed from 7:00 p.m. to 430 a.m. in the morning. >> catherine: it seems the bart riders are more inclined to coexist peace peacefully with people calling their bikes onto trains. there has been a lot of squabbling in the past but in new survey suggests a growing harmony. a survey of 23 underwriters was presented at today's board of directors meeting. a show that a lot more people are bringing their bite an increase of 20%. but it also shows that fewer people are complaining. in 2013 bought
6:37 pm
got rid of its rules banning bikes during busy commute hours. this is not to suggest that everyone is happy. 23 percent of riders last year still complained about being too crowded. >> pam: coming top always saying comedian will ferrell taking over spring training but not everyone was happy about it the bay area legend who gave the stock a thumbs down. coming up people behaving badly at eight.
6:38 pm
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>> grant: not everyone like welfare roast spring training yesterday and nfl joe hall of famer john madden says a that i hate it
6:41 pm
is a lack of respect for the game what players have to do to get where they are. we did reach out to kcbs. and least mat mat did not know the the stock was raising money for cancer charities. >> pam: coming up next on the insider. univision acre is fired over racist remarks about first lady of michelle obama. his shopping comics and next at seven. that's followed by entertainment tonight at 730. after that we're back with kron 4 news at eight. and the raiders a gabbai to a player that was once thought as a potential superstar gary has all the sports news and next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
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bulldog: any size mattress - twin, full, queen, or king - for one low price! and they'll deliver it free. television announcer: the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ...ends sunday. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> gary: in evening
6:45 pm
everybody as we speak the warriors are now not plant curry thompson or bogus is one of those bills and losing in december as we speak right now by 34 to 26 in a the first. you can mold about this all you want. and a big leap toward the playoffs but your fan up in denver and you have season tickets and you pay $200 to two under $50 for a good seat to watch seth curry play and he doesn't even step on the floor for a minute and you're getting ripped off. at these guys cannot take it a physical pounding will shorten the season a little bit. >> gary: eastern washington and the wonder uc-davis is the only team that the shot
6:46 pm
to go to the ncaa and they're against a why underway. talk about their mcfadden came to the raiders was upon a time he was gonna be a big big star. when al davis drafted him again a little bit of everything seven seasons thieves only did a thousand yards wants. he signed with dallas today two years almost $6 million. the raiders did give backup quarterback but they did lose mcfadden but they get christian ponder. news late here of the minnesota vikings and had a couple of good games but to conceal the interception ended within that's why the vikings said go be a back up somewhere else. >> gary: >>:james daugherty is a defensive backs he signed up today is getting interesting little tweet
6:47 pm
siding with the raiders this is more about football more than football for me my uncle was later arrest with blackened silver casket and a raider blanket with his personal so doctors made grew up in southern californian buried in a raider casket if you get a story like that maybe you're planning for an exit. randy the anchors the be buried in the kron 4 casket. >> gary: account that to shot the way things works now i know work without grant. if you have anything unusual nor an aura of gold buried in some in that and top being buried in a raider's casket let us nobody here. >> gary: chris culver made a bad decision to get
6:48 pm
arrested a and a mockery of arrest warrant says the was prepared to use brass knuckles on a fellow human being with various he's size to go to the washington redskins. in a sunday night jason will have a lot of forty-niners talk. j.j. stokes will be on the program. we have a baseball special one week from tonight will have all types of action. and if he cannot the all-time baseball fan and a bill ok for you >>:darya as gonna be here dancing around we gonna have boats g melvin a lot of spring training stuff. bochy.. >> reporter: here is the alecia ready to roll the milwaukee brewers 7 then high five celebrations during spring training to
6:49 pm
combat an outbreak of pay guy. so there you go keep your hands off people. pink guypink eye... >> reporter: stephen how does the forty-niners can in such a mess. >> gary: they get in a mess because of the ghost sometimes through the day. egos can rule the day. jet on the same they just cannot take any more harbaugh as ego jim harbaugh is a great coach but in the end of
6:50 pm
everything homes the team. >> reporter: congrats some 30 years to do think he would stay that long eccrine. this is for march >> gary: i'll tell you everybody uncertain times think, maybe i'll go do this and sometimes the same ago start out working saturday and sunday in new york. indienne if i had moved around in the end if i had moved around a lot by fiber six years ago someone to set up a vast enough. we stay in one place you build up the radio audience which is still pretty big and keep working. and one to keep working because of i don't otherwise i'll drive you crazy at home. >> gary: i'm like everybody else of sodomite move and
6:51 pm
try it but in the long run i'm happy i thought i went in tried but new york but i'm glad i stay where i am >> reporter: i'll like anyone who doesn't drink smoke during alcohol or smoke weed. >> gary: it's never too late to start with the weeds. >> reporter: jackson says i don't trust you talking trade >> gary: kai research said that the seven last night of brine was high scorer of lebron james was at high scores tirade is great too.
6:52 pm
kiree... >> reporter: to raise the kraut. three as the crowd >> gary: a was to be peddling give back to the community and lonely isolated man but i am happy to be that way. >> pam: coming up the weekend is here is going to be gorgeous outside vanessa bezic is back with the hot forecasts.
6:53 pm
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>> pam: potential bad news for the american workforce. americans for the worst on professional skills compared
6:56 pm
to their counterparts in other countries. it ranked last in the ability to work with numbers problem solving or literal efficiency. the first dock, domain was registered in 1985. .com the area of the dop bubble registrations took off from 9005 to 20 million. now today the internet dominates the lives say you don't need an encyclopedia because jammed with a kia people stream will be on line. we still have to check in with the nasa >> reporter: temperatures will be 15 and 20 degrees above what they should be this time of year.
6:57 pm
>> pam: have more on the news weather and sports at what hour at 8:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> controversial comments aimed at the first lady that many deem to be racist. >> the racially charged remark that got this univision host abruptly fired. as one of the former anchors speaks out. >> i would rather hear an f. bomb a million times than have a woman of color compared to an ape. and, i'm hosting a diva es before dark roundtable. how these womennated day time tv. >> you've never knocked on your boss' door and demanded more money? >> oh well. >> we the jury, find the defendant, eddie ray routh, guilty. >> chris kyle's killer was
7:00 pm
sentenced to life in prison. his parents speak out for the first time. >> something happened to my son. >> we're going inside the case with dr. phil. >> we didn't think something like this could ever happen. >> let's go inside. >> they did not see this violence coming. >> now, the latest celebrity and pop culture news delivered to you 24/7 it's "the insider" together with yahoo!. american sniper killer eddie ray routh behind bars. now his family is speaking out. hello, everybody i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. we'll get to dr. phil in just a bit. >> first to the other big news making headlines today. >> another controversial comment aimed at the first lady that many deem to be racist. >> that racially charged spanish comment on univision translated says, quote you guys are aware that michelle obama looks like a cast


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